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California Costumes collection, Inc. (Ccc), was established in 1992 and is headquartered in los Angeles, california. We are a worldwide industry leader and year round supplier of Halloween costumes, fancy dress, wigs, and accessories. We are best recognized in the seasonal market For providing innovative trend driven designs and delivering outstanding service to our customers. California Costumes specializes in the creation of proprietary designs that meet the style and taste of the most discerning consumers.

Costume includes fur bodysuit with attached chest piece, mask, hands and feet all with fur detail. One size fits most.

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California Costumes Men’s Adult-Gorilla

This big ape just wants to monkey around. The Gorilla costume includes faux fur body suit with attached chest piece, mask, hands, feet.

Not Included: banana

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10 reviews for Adult Gorilla Costume

  1. angee edwards

    I wore this costume for a parade and I got so many compliments! It was a very well made costume. And the hand and feet covers looked really good! I ordered the smallest size and it was a little big in the waist so I did do some adjustments.

  2. Maketoast

    Overall, this Gorilla costume is great for the price!I am 5’10” 160lbs and it fit me very relatively well but was a little baggy as might be expected.2 recommendations:-I added velcro to the rear of the suit to help hold it together while it is on. Black velcro blends in well with the fur and helps prevent your clothes from peeking through the back of the suit where it comes together. You should be wearing dark clothes under it anyway, but this helps.-Like some other reviewers have said, you will shed wearing this suit. I wore it around for about 20 minutes before going to a party in it which helped, but it still sheds a little.Neither of these things were really worth removing a star from the review.

  3. T. L. Davis

    Fun and worthwhile. I did not use the mask but instead the California Costumes Goin Ape Ani-Motion Mask (see separate review), because I wanted a mask with a mouth that opened and with teeth. Only complaint with this suit is that the legs are about an inch short. I am 6 ft 0 in tall with 32 inseam and the legs ended nearly an inch above the top of the costume feet. I wore black socks, but would have like more leg coverage for sitting and ape-like squatting. Otherwise, the fit was fine. I wear a 46 long suit jacket and the upper body portion of the costume fit just right. The back has only one tie at the top, but two safety pins easily kept together the lower part of the back opening. Hands and feet included are wonderful. Small amount of shedding, but the thing held together nicely for a local parade and is ready for use at a future costume party. It is definitely warm, but that was welcome on a windy 50-degree day outside. I highly recommend this costume, along with the Calif. Costumes Ani-motion mask.

  4. Canadian Beaver

    I wuz countin out tha dolla billz yo and realized dat I just dint have enuff dollas to buy a fancy dancy monkey suit. I thought when I saw dis one, dat it would suck, right? Itz only what…. like fiddy dollas? I dropped dat cash and got dem to express post dat shyt yo. Two dayz lata. TWO DAYZ LATA and dis guy shows up at my door. I thought it wuz da police. So I dint answer. Next day. He comes again! I put down da xbox controlla and peek out da window and I see dis guy lookin all legit n shyt. He’s got da box.I start gettin real excited because ya know, shyt just got real son.I sign for da box, and don’t wait one second longer and i’m tearin into that shit yo. Like a crazed lion in for da kill!Bust that box open and I see dis big, hairy monkey suit. Yeah, das right. You got your scaryazz monkey face. You got yo hairyazz monkey feet. Oh, and you got yo big knuckeled monkey hands. Im freakin out yo. All I want to do iz throw that shyt on and see what I look like.So I strip down and step inside. Yah, itz true. This shit shedz like a mofooker! They be serious here on dis right? Strait tellin me what to expect yo!So I get dis monkey suit all on me, wit da feet, da hands and da funnyazz monkey face. Put dat shyt on and checked myself out in da mirror yo. I’m lookin TIGHT! Den it hitz me. All of a sudden I start smellin bananaz. I’m like what da hell iz dis. Den, I start to get itchy. Like all over. Like up in my groin n shit n under my pitz. So I start scratchin. But diz shyt iz so damn scratchy dat it starts hurtin yo. I start makin deez noizes like “Ooh Ooh Ahh Ahh” errtime I hit one o doz itchy spotz. Just jumpin around n shyt n tryin to get all the itchin gone. “Oooh Ohh Ahh AHhhh!” My cat – hiz namez Nine Mil – he getz all freaked out and hizzes at me like he don’t know me. I didn’t know what waz goin on.Anyway. I say any true G dat wantz to hit up da clubz on da Halloween night best be gettin himself some fineazz monkey suit like dis. Dis shyt iz da monkey bomb!

  5. coconut head

     I loved the hands and feet details. Looks like they cast actually gorilla hands and feet to make a mold! The feet are designed to fit over shoes. Nice touch.The hands are huge, so there is room for the with large hands. I’m only 5.7′, and don’t have particular large hands.The back of the costume has a big opening with just a string at top to close. So I sawn on a long velcro strip (from the neck to the waist area), otherwise it would look too lame from the back.The mask is LARGE, and flops left and right. I put in an elastic band in the chin so it would hold. Also the mouth doesn’t open, with makes it very inconvenient to eat of drink in a party. So I cut a slit to open it. The eyes holes fit ok. I added foam padding under the eyebrows and cheekbones, because the mask had creases that wouldn’t “pop” out by themselves.But after all the adjustments, the costume performed well. Otherwise I had great fun with, at the office and with trick-or-treaters. I was in a tree just above the candy table, and barely visible. I kept still until some people arrived and then roared and soaked the branches. Scares guaranteed.

  6. Danielle

    My son wore this to school and it was a huge hit and the pink is BRIGHT!! great quality very happy

  7. gmakinder

    I ordered this costume for a campfire skit at a family reunion and can’t wait to see the kids reaction! It is very realistic — I love the detail. It is a little difficult to walk in the “feet” but that makes it look more realistic like a Bigfoot. I added velcro to the back closure because it didn’t have a good way to fasten it, but that is pretty easy to do. Also, it does shed, but that made it great to have some “Bigfoot” evidence. It is plenty big if you are on the hefty side, but I don’t think it would fit someone over about 5’10”. It even stores nicely in the plastic zipper case that it comes in and doesn’t take up too much space in the closet. It was perfect for my needs and deliver was fast with Amazon, as always!

  8. Carlos Rivera

    Buen traje muy real
    Esta bien el traje

  9. Andrea Lozano

    Está bien
    Está muy grande y la calidad no es excelente pero aún así me divertí mucho usándolo. La máscara se aplastó con el traslado y a pesar de ponerle calor no se acomodó de nuevo.

  10. Cali

    You’ll go bananas for this costume (see what I did there?)
    My husband is 5’11” and this fit great. It’s not super breathable so gets a little toasty but I expected that. It’s not underarmour workout attire people. It was what I expected. He looked like a gorilla in it haha

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