Fun World Boys Fading Eye Desert DwellerCostume

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Fun world’s fading eye desert Dweller child costume

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Our story begins in 1959. Sam Rosenberg wanted to have his own successful business before he retired. Earlier in his adulthood he experienced a few failed start ups. Fun World started out working with factories in Japan and then moved to Korea and Taiwan and Hong Kong. Fun World a real jump start in Halloween when he lead the company during the growth of the Halloween business.

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10 reviews for Fun World Boys Fading Eye Desert DwellerCostume

  1. Marg wilson

    Fits true to size. Bought it for my four and six year olds to wear for halloween. I was initially worried my children would baulk at the thin black fabric that covers the face but it was fine. The glowing eyes make the constume. I tied to back of the glasses on to hold them in place and put the vattetu packs in the kids pockets.

  2. Kary17

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    I give it 4 starts because of the eyes, and it doesn’t look that bad.But I still think it could look better.

  3. E. Gifford

    Bought this for my son after reviewing so many negative reviews of the Rubies “official” Star Wars Jawa costume. Very pleased. The costume looks great and the light up eyes were very cool. The eyes are like glasses with the light sitting below the child’s eyes. Takes AA batteries, simple switch to turn on / off, light fades in and out which is a neat effect. Only negative was I had to use a small piece of wire wrapped around each ear piece of the glasses & around my sons head to keep them from sliding off his face. A lot of complements while out trick-or-treating and many “look, a Jawa!”, so no doubt people know what it is supposed to be without it being an officially blessed Jawa outfit. The fabric is basic, typical poly-something, but it’s a Halloween costume and something a kid might play with now and then – suits the purpose just fine. I would recommend.

  4. Deborah G

    The only problem I had with this costume is the eyes didn’t light. I didn’t have time to request a replacement so I improvised using some lights for weddings. My kiddo was happy. The robe and hood were good and functioned well.

  5. Andrea

    My kid was the talk of the school absolutely love this

  6. Jim M.

    My 8 year old son loves this costume! The fit was great and good quality.I do wish there was an option for the eyes to stay on versus always fading in and out. Also, the glasses that the eyes are attached to do not stay on my son. We will have to have something to cinch them in the back for Halloween.

  7. DadCanada

    Great costume. My son loves it.The illuminated eyes fade in and out. There is no setting to keep them to stay on but they work great.

  8. Shell K.

    My son loves the costume, which was made much better than the other brand which I sent back. The bandolier across the chest was not particularly exciting; however, the main attraction on of a “Jawa” costume is the glowing eyes anyway, which were a hit for both my son (and of course my husband 😊).The fade in/fade out light up eyes plastic frames sit just below his prescription eye glasses, so they don’t block ones eyesight. Also, thanks to other buyers’ comments, I decided to make the fade-in/fade-out plastic glasses more secure by taking a set of plastic covered wire twist ties (typically used on bread) to attach them to his prescription eyeglass ear frames.I also used some black electrical tape to fasten the wire of the battery box along and across the top of the plastic frame, so that the weight of the battery wire didn’t shift the glasses from side to side when walking. The wire and battery box could then fit down alongside his neck and into his front left t-shirt pocket. This way he could turn the eyes on and off with little trouble. Not bad considering the price.

  9. Kindle Customer

    This item arrived with the glowing glasses part broken. One of the ear pieces for the glasses is wonky and I have to fix this now, as Halloween is too close to do anything else. Other than that I would be happy with this product- but I wish they had checked for quality before sending it out.

  10. berlinbro

    So good, the glasses/eye cover part is hard to stay on. Besides that the kids love it.

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