Men’s Tunic Cosplay Costume Adults Outfits Halloween Robe Hooded Uniform

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10 reviews for Men’s Tunic Cosplay Costume Adults Outfits Halloween Robe Hooded Uniform

  1. Noah P

    Ordered this for Halloween and I am super pleased with what I got! I am 5’8” and roughly 155lbs and commonly wear medium shirts with 30×30 pants. I normally would buy Medium sized costumes, but bought the Small because I have had multiple experiences where these all-in-one costumes tend to run large. Thankfully I made the right choice because the costume fit wonderfully. The sizing chart was pretty spot on, so make sure to refer to that and have a tape measure ready! It says to order larger sizes if you’re the same size as shown on the chart, but I feel like you would run the risk of it being too baggy or even dragging on the ground if you do so. The entire costume comes in a large ziplock-like bag so returns are easy if you need to get a different size!Some notes to think about before buying:First, as many of the other reviews say, buy Velcro strips or clothes pins to secure the shoulder pieces. They are long rectangular pieces of fabric that are only fastened by the belt and can slide off of the shoulder quite easily. Nothing a little DIY fastening can’t fix!Second the cummerbund/belt and thigh area of the pants (for those who didn’t skip leg day while training under Master Qui-Gon) are pretty tight. While the belt is not a major issue as, again, extra Velcro can secure it, the pants are made out of a very thin material that have the potential to rip easily if you sit or squat down too much (oh look a penny!). If you do decide to practice hand-to-hand combat while wearing this you might want to look for a pair of dark brown slacks or joggers that won’t tear as easily.Some other notes about the costume (I congratulate you if you’ve read this far. I’m writing this while sipping my third cup of coffee so the words are flowing and yet I’m too lazy to provide a TLDR for your convenience):The cloak was a perfect length and fell just above the tops of my shoes, while the sleeves laid right at my wrists and is made of what feels like 100% polyester so it will flow easily in the winds of Tatooine (“I don’t wear anything I can’t take off with a flourish”-Stewie Griffin).The tabard/tunic also sat right at my wrists and came down to about mid-thigh. It is made of a relatively thick material which poses the potential to get hot in warmer climates, but the sleeves and opening in the front are large enough to provide plenty of air flow so you won’t feel like you’re suffocating.Overall this is a great costume that is perfect for parties, trick-or-treating, casting your best friend and the “Chosen One” into the fires of Mustafar (the movie has been out for 18 years now, this no longer qualifies as a spoiler), and so much more!

  2. Enrique p.

    This is an amazing product! I was honestly blown away by how good it was for the price. All the material is really good quality, and I don’t think you’d even need to wear anything under it depending on what time of year it is and where you’re wearing it, because the top is that thick and warm.As far as sizing goes, I wouldn’t follow the sizing chart. I’m 6 foot, 175 pounds, and a medium fits like a glove on me. The pants a little baggy, cause I have pretty skinny legs, but they’re covered by my boots when I wear it anyway. But the shirt fits really well, the sleeves are a perfect length, not too short or too long. The robe sleeves are great too, although I wish they were a little longer for posing, but that’s a nuance really. The first sash that goes around your waist is very snug on me, and I’m a size 30 waist. I’m sure with the velcro, you could extend it a little, but I wouldn’t think anything past 33 or 34 would work for it. But the outer leather belt is a little bigger. Still fits well on me thoughI will say, it’s a little complicated to put on, but I’ve been able to do it myself every time I put it on, except for maybe making sure the shoulder sashes are straight in the back. Just so you know, there is one shorter white sash with velcro, and that’s the belt. There are two longer sashes of the same material with no velcro that go over either shoulder. You’ll see what I mean when you try to put it on. There’s also no velcro on the shirt or shoulder sashes, so you may need safety pins, but I’ve honestly been fine just having everything stay put with the two belts.Over all, it’s a great costume, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a jedi cosplay

  3. Andrew

    For the price point, I don’t think this thing can be beat. The materials aren’t top of the line, but they’re better than the more mass market costumes. The fit isn’t perfect, but is good enough where it counts.Pros:-Material is of good quality. It’s not perfect, but it’s leaps and bounds above the prepackaged costumes you’d buy for Halloween. The pants are extremely similar style/material to a men’s dress trouser. The inner tunic is a similar light material. The outer tunic, tabards, and obi are all a heavier linen. The robe is heavier than the thin light costume robes you can find in Halloween costume stores, but is not quite as heavy as you would think the ones in the movies are. This is actually good because the rest of the costume can run a bit warm.-Fit is good. I am a larger man (6′, 250lbs) who wears 44/32 jeans and a 2-3XL shirt (depending on the fit). The 3XL of this costume fit me well enough. The pants are just on the cusp of being too tight, but they button and aren’t uncomfortable. The tunics and robe fit perfectly (the robe is just the right length to look right but not drag too much on the ground and get messed up). The only drawback here was the obi, which was just a fraction too small for me. However, this is probably the easiest piece to extend or replace, since it’s just a wrap of fabric with velcro, so I don’t hold it against the costume. The overbelt (with the clasp and pouch pieces) did fit just fine, it’s a good bit larger than the obi.-Overall look is on point. I have never felt more like a Jedi than when I was wearing this robe.-The overbelt piece is very cool looking. It just fastens with velcro, but the buckle looks quite good and the pouch would fit a smaller cell phone.Cons-As I mentioned, the pants and obi weren’t a perfect fit. The pants are usable, and the obi is easy to fix, so I don’t hold this against it.-The lack of any fastener for the tunic and tabard pieces is a bit unfortunate. The belt/obi holds it all together. I plan on adding in some velcro in places to get a more secure fit.

  4. Abarrax

    You never know what you’re going to get, but the previous reviews led me to this purchase (and also that it’s one of the few you can get in XXL).Fit: I am 6’3″, 52″ chest, 38″ waist – so since the whole kits is XXL, the pants were naturally a bit big on me, but the length was good (these are designed to be bloused into boots) . If I had to guess, I’d say the pants were a 42-44 waist, but they do come with belt loops, so no review reduction there. The tunic comes in SEVERAL pieces. There are no “assembly” instructions, so have the picture handy when putting it on, and you’ll probably appreciate (not required) a second set of hands to position the shoulder elements. The cloak was the perfect length for me in the arms and overall length (doesn’t drag on the ground), and the only piece that was tight on me was the sash.Quality: The cloak and pants are a very light satiny material, and the tunic and accoutrements are a heavier cotton or linen. The top part of the costume consists of the tunic, two shoulder pieces (drape over your shoulders and bring them across in the front), a velcro belt/sash (this was a little tight on me – had to wear below my stomach), and a vinyl belt with some sort of pouch. If I had any complaint, I would have asked for a longer sash. It didn’t come apart as I moved around to put my boots on though, so all good.For the price (I paid less than $50), and the speed it got to me, I am very impressed with the quality, feel, and look of this costume.

  5. Dust

    For those that are looking for a good looking Jedi costume, I would recommend this one to start with and possibly upgrade later on. I don’t know how to sew my own costumes and needed this so I can go to conventions, parties and movie premiers but wanted something that looks more believable than a cheap party city style costume.I am 6’1″, 270lbs and the XXXL fit me great. Originally I bought the XXL but the sash and belt were to small so I had to exchange for this one. The material of the tunic, sash and tabards are feel and look like linen, the belt is a thin fake leather. I am going to glue some EVA foam to the back of the belt to give it some better rigidity I opted not to get the robe and instead bought the Rubies Delux robe which I think looks a lot better. This robe is just thin and cheap. It’ll work but I would recommend upgrading it for a proper Jedi one later on if you plan on wearing this to multiple places/events. The pants fit with room to spare, I typically wear size 40×30. They were a little long but that didn’t matter to me since they’ll be tucked into boots. They have pockets, zipper, and belt loops with elastic to help keep them on. For the price I couldn’t be happier.Since this is a cheaper costume you might get the typical stray threads. I simply cut them back and burned them with a lighter so they don’t fray. I added clothing Velcro to the tabards so they stay on my shoulders and one to the front of the tunic so it stays closed.

  6. BhamBritton

    Missing one of the white pieces that goes over the shoulders, very disappointing. If we realized prior to the night before Halloween, we could have gotten the issue resolved, I’m sure. The pants were quite long on my husband, but would be good for someone really tall. I was able to hem them with no issue. The white fabric belt part is a lot smaller than the brown belt and smaller than the pants, made for a slightly odd fit, but we made it work. Would have looked way better if both white pieces had been included. Kind of ruined this costume, which wasn’t cheap.

  7. Anastasiia

    I was surprised by the good quality of this costume. Very high-quality seams, pleasant to the touch material, really looks like an Obi Wan suit, and fits perfectly on the figure (size M). I was hoping to get a one-time suit, but I got a high-quality outfit that will last a very long time. Thanks

  8. Michael McDonald

    For those considering buying these allow me to give you a “Good, Bad, Ugly” sort of reviewThe Good:The fabric is amazing as far as look, feel, comfort and performance. Considering the price you are paying it doesn’t get much better than these with out paying an extra $100 on either A: Customs / sewing one yourself. Or B: Going to the Disney Park and buying one. They are great for cosplay, and great for Practitioners of the Jedi life and they do last. However there is a “but” to that which ill cover quickly.The bad:The pants that comes with this tunic look great, and are comfortable but they only last 2 or 3 cleanings, and the crotch is the first thing to go, not the butt, not knees, the crotch…(fellow Men, you’ve been warned.) And let’s be honest here: Most guys go “commando” these daysI very much recommend discarding the pants all together and buy yourself some good Yoga pants or some kind of cloth/stretchy pants that will not clash too hard with the fabric of the tunic.The Ugly: (The “but” I told you was coming)Sweat, long exposure to rain, or washing them In a machine will take roughly an inch and a half off your tunic *every. Single. Time.* particularly in the sleeves/ shoulder.Again, I myself wear this daily and do various work out drills or general life activity in this tunic.I took these to a Larp event (live action role play) and it was rain for a straight 48 hours. My sleeves shrunk *badly*If you are a cosplayer, going to a lot of conventions – you know first hand that event panels like meeting a Voices actor, or autograph signing etc can get pretty hot, cause of all the bodies giving off heat. Add a slightly warm tunic on top? You are gonna bake. And any sweat you give off will kill your sleeves.All and all, these are a 3.11-4.0 star buy. And they last me a long time.Edit: October 10 2022:There was one thing I forgot to bring up! and as this review has been getting a LOT of positive response on Amazon.I figured it was worth an update/edit.The belt: The belt that comes with this set. Is a velcro wrap around. It’s not a real belt. The velcro is strong and on it’s own will stay in place.But if you try to hang anything off of it, a sword prop, a lightsaber hilt, a canteen filled with water? Anything like over 2-3 pounds? it’s just NOT going to work. Like the pants, consider upgrading the belt.

  9. gus

    This Jedi costume boasts impressive quality overall. While the pants material is shinier than expected and the cloak feels a bit thin and uneven, with some small tweaks, it still delivers a great Jedi look.

  10. L Lusk

    I absolutely love this costume. It arrived quickly and the quality is amazing.

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